We need to talk about Eurovision 2017

Another year, another fantastically spangled Eurovision Song Contest, and what better topic with which to kick of this blog? Yes Eurovision is a cheese fest but in the wake of Brexit, I’ll take whatever I can get, and it’s always worth watching for Graham Norton’s commentary alone. I love that man. Sadly I missed the live Saturday night show this year, but I willingly dedicated my Sunday night to catching up on the entire thing on BBC iPlayer.

Mere moments after tuning I just wasn’t sure I’d get through the entire thing with my sanity intact. The opening sequence alone made me want to dance on a bridge in the Ukraine, and the Flag Ceremony, with national flags exploding in spectacular glitterbombs on giant LED screens on stage set my breaking Euro-loving heart alight.

Israel’s opening act was the perfect cheese fest to kick things off. Incidentally, I’m still not clear why Israel is in Eurovision, but sadly for the last time it seems this year, with their shock announcement that they would be withdrawing from the competition hereafter (bombshell much?)

If you haven’t seen Croatia’s Jacques Houdek and his phenomenally bizarre act, then you must; he was clearly the best thing about the show. Moldova’s “Hey Mama” had personal appeal, Austria was too cute, Romania’s yodelling gave me life and of course parabéns to first-time champion Portugal’s original and touching act.

However, my most memorable Eurovision so far remains that of 2012, when Sweden’s Loreen crab-danced her way across the stage to victory with her banger Euphoria. That was the year of my most European summer to date, spent on Erasmus exchange in Switzerland, with the Euro Cup happening too. Who knows if the UK will be able to participate in Erasmus in the future?

Such tragic thoughts plague much of my Europe-related musings these days. It was in Switzerland (ironically, not in the EU, but definitely in Europe, so I guess there’s hope) that my Europe-lovin’ exploded. This year, post-Article 50 trigger, Eurovision’s usual cheese was tinged with sadness for me. I’m Teresa, and I love Europe. Let the Europhilia-filing begin.